"Music is Community"

What is essential for musicians in the world where requires to work by remote?
No matter where you are, we need to enjoy music TOGETHER.

ShareMidiAndParty! is a project established by Japanese Ableton Certified Trainers Junichi Oguro and Junichi Akagawa.

It allows you to connect your Ableton live with your distant friend’s one over the Internet where you can send and receive each other's Midi clips at real-time sessions.

You would be able to have fun like playing in a band. SMAP is a Midi-only interaction. We believe this particular limitation would stimulate your creativity.
It surely brings you to a new music world.

Come on, let's party at SMAP!




あなたは遠く離れた友人達のAbleton liveとインターネットで繋がり、お互いのMidi clipを送受信してリアルタイムにセッションすることができます。それはバンド演奏のような楽しみにも似ています。



Feature / 機能

Feature of Smap!

  • Midi clip can be sent and received by Midi track in Session view.Audio will not be sent and received.
    This is partly due to network load and latency issues, but also because we believe that by limiting the functionality to Midi,
    we can focus more on the session and enjoy it more creatively.

  • You can send and receive data and instrument parameter information such as macro contorl,
    as well as the volume, pan, and send A/B mixer sections, which can be assigned by Midi.
    You can use the Automation feature to further expand your expression.

  • You can also share the name and color of the MIDI CLIP with your friends.

  • Multiple play for two or more people is also possible.

  • You can share only the devices you put in after the M4L with each other. Please share the sound with Ableton Live's default sound sources.


  • Session viewのMidi trackでmidi clipの送受信を可能にします。

  • Midiでアサインできる部分が基本的に送受信可能です。ボリュームやパン、センド A/Bのミキサーセクションもそうですが、マクロコントールなどのデータやインストルメントのパラメータ情報も送ることができます。オートメーション機能を活用すると更に表現の幅が広がります。

  • MIDI CLIPの名前と色も友人と共有することができます。

  • 2名以上の複数プレイも可能です。

  • M4Lの次に入れたデバイスのみをお互いで共有できます。音色はAbleton Live のデフォルト音源で共有してください。